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5 Common PPC Optimisation Mistakes

I found a very informative Article about the common mistakes made when optimizing PPC Campaigns from Alan Mitchel.

5 Common PPC Optimisation Mistakes

You’ve researched hundreds of long-tail keywords, organised them into granular ad groups, and crafted ad messages which closely match the ad group’s keywords. You then set your Google AdWords campaigns live.

But after a while, you realise your PPC campaigns are not delivering the desired return on investment. You start making changes to bids, budgets, and keywords. Still no improvement, so you make more changes.

And so on.

It’s not long until you’ve lost track of what’s working and what’s not. Your keywords and ad groups become disorganised, your Quality Scores start to fall, and you start paying excessively high CPCs to chase after visitors and sales.

If any of this sounds familiar, perhaps you need to take a step back and review your campaign optimisation strategy. Are you making intelligent and informed decisions based on reliable, insightful, and unbiased data? Or are your bids being changed and keywords paused in a random and haphazard fashion in a drastic effort to improve results?

Below are 5 optimisation mistakes I’ve found myself guilty of from time to time, and some tips on how to avoid these common pitfalls.

Read the full article here: 5 Common PPC Optimisation Mistakes

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Introducing the new AdWords Forum on AdsenseExperts


after I started to advertise on AdWords recently I thought it might be a good Idea to create a subforum for Adwords Experts here as well.

When I started my journey on AdWords I made a few mistakes which cost me some money and I hope over time we can create a great resource for AdWords advertisers here as well to share tips and strategies for successful AdWords campaigns.

I also think that even if you are not advertising on AdWords seeing the other site of the coin will help you understand AdSense better. To know how advertisers think and to know what they are looking for will help AdSense Publishers to optimize their website for AdSense to give Advertisers the best outcome for their money and thereby earn more with AdSense.

So I hope you like the Idea and I am looking forward to many great contributions to this new forum.

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Not Showing Adsense Ads on my site

(written by Vijendra)

Hello Friends,

Few day ago I have created 1 adsense account through dfp method and copied both the and pasted in my site but the problem is that…that ads are not showing in my site..

I have tried that code on my other site their also that ads are not running..

Please help me how I can resolve this problem.

Thank you

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The ExactSeek Featured Listing Program

(written by WalterPoon)

Hi, I am wondering whether the ExactSeek Featured Listing Program is safe to participate. It says:

ExactSeek is able to provide a flat rate keyword program that offers online businesses exposure on 2 major PPC networks ( and as well as Top 10 Ad Rotation across a large network of search engines and web directories at low, flat fee rates. We provide the only alternative to PPC that delivers solid value and true benefits.

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The secret of AdWords is: relevance

Nearly 5 years ago when I was quite new in advertising I took my first steps with Google AdWords and I wrote this short article. Since then a lot has happened but still the essence of this article is true.

The secret of Google AdWords is: Relevance

Google rewards you for being relevant and they let people who are searching vote for your ads. If your ad gets clicked, it’s relevant to the keyword/search that triggered it. If your ad doesn’t get clicked, it simply is not relevant. It’s that simple.


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