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$78 RPM ‘typical’?

(written by christopher)

I got one of these ‘personalized tips’ messages from adsense recommending I use wider ads. Actually I had just recently changed to wider ads, so the message was a little late in coming.

However, I found this part of the message to be very surprising:

“Advertisers prefer wider ad units for their premium inventory, resulting in higher bids for your ad placements. Though all sites are different, publishers typically see $78.67 RPM when using the wider ad size.”


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4K visitors/16K views per day, no $

(written by Asja)

My site gets 5K visitors, 16K views per day but I earn basically nothing with Adsense.

I get maybe 30-40 clicks per day.

My site serves visitors mostly outside the US, and almost all traffic is from bookmarks or directly entered into url. Very little from Google.

Do I have any hope of making money from this site with Adsense? If so, any suggestions would be appreciated.


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8 Things you must Test when Optimizing AdSense


The biggest “secret” to AdSense is constant testing of small and bigger changes.

If you for example test an AdSense Ad with medium font against big font and you get a 0.4% increase in CTR with the big font, then this translates into more money day after day.

Do you catch my drift?

So here is a list of things you definitely should test on your websites:


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A quick tour of Google Adsense Policy Enforcement offices

(written by JamesColin)

A peek into Google AdSense Policy Team office.. Take the virtual tour and don’t forget you are not allowed to feed the employees. :-)

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Ad Planner Confused?

(written by BattleStrats)

I recently set up several of my ads using the dfp sysetm. I set up my placements and as you can see I have 12 placements:


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