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8 Things you must Test when Optimizing AdSense


The biggest “secret” to AdSense is constant testing of small and bigger changes.

If you for example test an AdSense Ad with medium font against big font and you get a 0.4% increase in CTR with the big font, then this translates into more money day after day.

Do you catch my drift?

So here is a list of things you definitely should test on your websites:

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A silent reader for a long time

(written by kidcreole)

Hello admin,
hello to all others,

I registered quite a long time ago and really make a good sum each month with the great tips from this site.

My biggest board is the german conspiracy site Weltverschwoerung.de Forum

I started the project in 2001 and till now there was a really good revenue for a site which most of the time runs alone.

Now I am searching for new ideas to maximize the income.

Google DFP, Channels and so on – let’s see if I finally find the time to implement this all.

Nice greetings from Berlin


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Ad Planner Confused?

(written by BattleStrats)

I recently set up several of my ads using the dfp sysetm. I set up my placements and as you can see I have 12 placements:


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Adsense Ads just stopped showing – works on dev server though

(written by baggins)

Been using DFP for over a year, along with Adsense. No problems with directly sold ads vs. adsense displays until just yesterday.

I added a frequency cap on one directly sold campaign so that ads would not appear more than 4x per day to a user. After making this change, Adsense ads just disappeared.

Now ad units are showing completely empty, with the exception of one of the directly sold ads is appearing. Here is the page with debugger activated: (Resource no longer exists)

Notice the top of the page is missing a 728×90 and the right side a 300×250

Using ?google_debug it shows two things:

1) For the five ad slots: Warning Suppressing slot slot name due to lack of content

2) After clicking Delivery Analysis details it shows: Winning Line Item Not Found https://gyazo.com/d97d1d0ca0523df90b1417cebc35a509.png

Adsense is enabled for the entire account AND each of these ad units have adsense enable for them (see column with “yes” in it) https://gyazo.com/bd706f9dd2a57136764ec19a5eaba99a.png

Adsense works just fine on our dev server though, so only the live site is experiencing the issue. Any ideas?

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Adsense alone or Adsense using DFP

(written by learner2012)

I received my google email letting me into the DFP program about a month ago…I’m still confused about how to use it.

I’m glad I found this forum because I have a million questions:

  • I have a test DFP adsense ad on my site. It is right beside my regular Adsense ads. I’m noticing earning with the DFP adsense ad. Why isn’t this displayed when I view my regular Adsense reports?
  • Do I have to transform all of my Adsense units to DFP Adsense units?
  • Have you noticed your CPC is higher with DFP Adsense or regular Adsense?

If these have been answered already, please forgive me. I’m new to this program and want to use it as it was intended.

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