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[vBulletin] What Information to show to guests?


I run several health related forums in Germany.

In the last few month I made lots of changes to my forums especially in regards to what I show to guests.

After spending hours on thinking about my main forum and how to make it even more attractive for my visitors I came up with the idea to remove all unnecessary information to improve the signal to noise ratio.

First of, why does a guest need to see the “what is going on” box?
What valuable information does your visitor get from it?
Some will say that it shows that the community is active. Yeah, maybe.
But Post and Thread count do the trick as well.

Lots of noise removed.

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10 Things Google Wished You Knew

published by “Search Engine People”, August 23, 2011

1. There is no duplicate content penalty
2. We see your NOSCRIPT & raise you a “yeah, right”
3. We don’t do meta keywords. There is no supplemental index (anymore)
6. We care about valid HTML – NOT!
7. We adhere to the robots protocol – except crawl delay
8. The cached version of your page doesn’t correspond to our last crawl
9. TLD trumps hosting location for geo-targeting
10. Pages blocked in robots.txt can still get PR

Read the article @ Search Engine People

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Adsense With Aggregators

(written by supermoves)

I am new to these forums and spent about 20 minutes looking for this question before I posted, so please be gentle :-)

I had a defense news aggregation website running on a WordPress clone of Drudge Report. I got around 100k uniques per month. I was told I could not use AdSense with an aggregator website. I also know that certain larger companies do just that.

On my site, I re-wrote headlines and also used headlines to create timelines of world events. When I finally shut down the website, after learning I couldn’t monetize it with AdSense, I was flooded with pleas for its return. So here is my question…

How can I create an aggregation website that AdWords will accept? Why can Drudge Report use AdSense, but not me? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!


PS If anyone is wondering, the site was, which is now down, but can be seen here on Google Way Back Machine: (Resource no longer exists)

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Anyone here own an image hosting site with Adsense?

(written by I_Am_Legend)

I am looking at purchasing an image hosting site with adsense on it. The site does well, but I have some reservations about the future of it. The images open on a blank page, with just an ad below it.. and if one image is deemed ‘unsuitable’ the google gods go *boom* and its all over.

I’m curious if anyone here has experience with an image hosting site, and how adsense has been for you? Any warnings from google? Any second chances?


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Best CMS for website development

(written by JamesColin)

I’d like to introduce you to my personal favorite CMS, it’s Drupal – Open Source CMS |

In my view the best CMS you can use which is free and based on PHP & MySQL is Drupal.

The only reason to use something else would be if you plan on simply doing a blog with a few categories & pages. Then use WordPress – Blog Tool and Publishing Platform

WordPress is the option to choose not because in unable to handle professional blog, IT IS indeed, but because WordPress started as a blog platform and most web services have at least one WordPress module/plugin if they have only one.

So for blogging full force, get yourself the wordpress script.


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