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[WordPress] Better ad placement?

(written by echo_unlimited)

My website: goo.gl/Qer81

I’d like to improve earnings as currently they are very low. I get around $3 per day for every 1,000 unique visitors.

I’m not sure what I could do to improve earnings. I was also thinking of placement infolink ads (Inline text advertising) to see if I could increase earnings or have 2 revenue sources, though I’m not sure how that would play out.

Any suggestions?

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1 or 2 ads for desktop & mobile view

(written by landocs)


I’m trying to figure out what’s the best tactic to serve ads on a site where the ad gets about 100K impressions daily from desktop and 140-160K impressions from mobile (total about 250K daily impressions)

Do you think it’s better to use the same responsive ad code for both Desktop and mobile view thus giving it more “strength” and increased impressions would result in better ad RPM ?

Or should I use 2 separate responsive ads codes, 1 for desktop and another for mobile ?
Another option is moving to fix sizes rather than responsive, obviously with 2 ad units.

Appreciate your thoughts on this

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4K visitors/16K views per day, no $

(written by Asja)

My site gets 5K visitors, 16K views per day but I earn basically nothing with Adsense.

I get maybe 30-40 clicks per day.

My site serves visitors mostly outside the US, and almost all traffic is from bookmarks or directly entered into url. Very little from Google.

Do I have any hope of making money from this site with Adsense? If so, any suggestions would be appreciated.


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A big block about 900×300 with all allowed adsense ads + adlink

(written by JamesColin)

Hello, here is a big block that you can put at the top of your site, so that the rest of the page is free for your content and ads from other ad networks.


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a Q about WP theme and placement + 1 more Q

(written by idanb85)

Hello everyone, First of all its a great forum, i learnd a lot, happy i found it.
my 2 questions are:

  1. i place my ads like this (Resource no longer exists) and i have a network of 70 websites like this, i am doing around 180 USD a day is it risky to use this theme? with this ads style, its CTR theme
  2. all those 70 site on the same google adsence account, i heard its isn’t healthy to do something like this…, should i make 2 accounts ? ( if i build more 70 webs like this for example)

waiting for your help, thx a lot 🙂

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