What is MRR?

MRR is an acronym for the license Master Resell Rights (also: Master Resale Rights).

What does MRR mean for you as a buyer?

A MRR license allows you sell the product (article, video, …) to others, that may themselves sell it.

The key difference from RR (Resell Rights, Resale Rights) is:

  • with RR you can use it yourself, and you may sell it to customers. These customers can use the product, but not sell it. (That means, you sell ‘Personal Rights’ to your customers.)
  • with MRR you can do everything RR allows you, and you can sell the right to your customer to sell it buy themselves. (That means, you sell ‘Resell Rights’ to your customers.)
  • So called transferable MRR extends MRR. It allows you to pass MRR to you customers.

The fact that you can sell to re-sellers, makes MRR a more powerful and more valuable license to own.

(Because: resellers buy not only products, that they want to use themselves. They buy products for the sole purpose of selling).

May MRR products be sold?



Often you see some constraints for the pricing, like ‘sell for at least 17 USD’.

It has to be noted, that these are suggestions. You can set the price to your liking, as long as you do not pass it free. However, the problem with lower and lower prices is, that this could de-value the product, and nobody likes to buy things of no value. Lower prices can backfire.

If you want to pass it free, the product needs (also) a Give-Away-license (GAW), because RR and MRR are about selling things, nothing else.

If you need something to give away for free, like a bonus, or a goodie for list building, ensure, that the license includes this. It could be a different license (detailing the give away case) or a combined license (like ‘Comes with Master Resell Rights and Give Away Rights’).

May MRR products be modified?


MRR product can be and are sold and distributed for money. You can not change them. This needs other rights. PLR (Private Label Rights) allows you to change the title of the product, and usually to state yourself as author. It often allows you to directly modify the product or to reuse any part in your own products.

As they are not intended to be changed, MRR products usually do not come with source files, that could be changed easily.


Hence, if you need something to sell, take MRR. If you want to modify the product, change title, author, text or to reuse the product as articles or as base of your own product, take PLR.

Rights can be very detailed and allowing something here while disallowing other things there.

Please take the time and see if the included rights meet your needs. If in doubt, ask if you can do what you have in mind.

It would not make any sense to purchase a product, that does not allow you to do, what you intend to do. And, depending on the country and the time elapsed since the purchase, you can not refund the PLR product, if the license is not sufficient. In some countries, digital products are excluded from return (or at least can be excluded). In other countries, a refund is limited to 30 or 60 days after purchase.

Again, every seller can choose the concrete refund policy within the law, as he likes.

What about the MRR products on plr.li?

The MRR products on plr.li are of high quality and are proven sellers. I do know, that some use the products by themselves, while others seem to sell them only. Keep in mind, that you can do both. You can use them yourself, and sell them.

I wish you fun and every success with the MRR products from plr.li

Thomas Salvador.

P.S. The MRR products on plr.li are high quality and proven sellers. They are a great extension of your offerings.

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