What is PLR?

PLR is an acronym for the license Private Label Rights.

What does PLR mean for you as a buyer?

A PLR license allows you to give the product (article, video, …) another title and name yourself as the author.

PLR products come usually with additional rights, but it is important to know that these do not apply automatically and generally for all products with private label rights. Every creator can assign a license with any rights and partial rights to his products, as he sees fit.

May PLR products be sold?

In fact, many PLR products can be sold. However, also this is a special and separate right, which is not included automatically. There are many PLR products that you can use, but can not be resold directly. Only your own creations (that are based on them) can then be sold. Other products prohibit free distribution – that is: A distribution has to be a sale. Very similar to many MRR products.

The right to change is almost always included, because PLR reaches its full potential if you use it as a foundation for your own work and products. PLR products such as PLR articles or PLR ebooks can often be translated into other languages. This makes perfect sense. You buy a PLR product in some language and translate its information to another language, often to your native language.

Rights can be very detailed and allowing something here while disallowing other things there. An example is stated above: if and how the PLR product might be passed (free of charge, sale only, in auctions, …)


Please check exactly, what the license is and if you get the rights you need. It would not make any sense to purchase a product, that does not allow you to do, what you intend to do.

Here are some points that may differ from one private label rights product to the next:

  • What can be done directly with the product?
  • Can the appearance of the PLR product be changed and if so, to what form (for example: article, blog, ebook, …)?
  • Can the product be sold, and if so, including which licenses (for example: to end users, resellers, …)?
  • Can the PLR license itself be resold?

While there are some things, that can be automatically deduced for PLR similar to MRR, it is always better, if the seller states clearly, what you can do with the product. For example: you can always use the product yourself, if you can sell it. Because in the worst case you could sell yourself a copy for your use.

The sellers statement can be very short (‘you can do what you want’, often called ‘unrestricted PLR’) or elongated in the form of [YES] [NO] statements, what is allowed and what is not.


Please take the time and see if the included rights meet your needs. If in doubt, ask if you can do what you have in mind.

It would not make any sense to purchase a product, that does not allow you to do, what you intend to do. And, depending on the country and the time elapsed since the purchase, you can not refund the PLR product, if the license is not sufficient. In some countries, digital products are excluded from return (or at least can be excluded). In other countries, a refund is limited to 30 or 60 days after purchase.

Again, every seller can choose the concrete refund policy within the law, as he likes.

What about the PLR products on plr.li?

The PLR products on plr.li are also distinguished by the fact that you can almost always do whatever you want. Own use, modifications, translations, combine and split into parts, resell and more. The list of permissions is long and should leave nothing to be desired.

And all that for an unbeatable low price.

I wish you fun and every success with the PLR products from plr.li

Thomas Salvador.

P.S. The PLR products on plr.li are high quality and do not restrict, what you can do. Their price is extremely low. They make a great base for your sites and products. But most of them can even be resold as they are.

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