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[WordPress] Better ad placement?

(written by echo_unlimited)

My website:

I’d like to improve earnings as currently they are very low. I get around $3 per day for every 1,000 unique visitors.

I’m not sure what I could do to improve earnings. I was also thinking of placement infolink ads (Inline text advertising) to see if I could increase earnings or have 2 revenue sources, though I’m not sure how that would play out.

Any suggestions?

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(written by JamesColin)

For I came up with the idea like this:

Like everyone else I’ve noticed that the mostly read articles and forum posts seemed to start with “the top XXX” or “X blabla” in short, top lists of anything.

So I said to myself I will do a site with top lists. But being lazy I decided I don’t want to do a blog, I want to work several hours and code something in order to make it easy for me to create top lists later.

That is maybe paradoxal, but instead of easily starting a top lists blog, because I’m lazy I choose to work hard at first, so that I won’t have to work so much after. So in fact I am working harder because of lazyness 🙂

When I was done with the code to create top lists, I went ahead and made the script multiuser with adsense revenue sharing and a referral program just like I did with my previous site (Resource no longer exists) so that I could invit adsense publishers to register on my new site and also start creating top lists with me.

That way it would create more content with less work, even if that means sharing the ad revenue with others, it is still more money for less work, so that is appealing to me 🙂

For this site I also relied on my own limited graphic skills for everything, so it looks very simple, but it is functionnal. With a professional graphic design it might look stunning and get more people on board.

But I don’t really need it, with my other website I have a userbase of about 4,000 adsense publishers who might be interested in another adsense revenue sharing site, so I emailed them and got about 10-20% of them to register on the new site.

I launched my new site on 5th october and it is my most successful launch in the english world, because there is now as I said several hundreds members and almost 1,000 top lists created in only 4 weeks.

Of course, the site being new it is still in Google’s sandbox and doesn’t receive much visits (and adsense earnings) for now, but my goal is to have it go out of google sandbox by the end of november so all members and myself can benefit from the christmas season with this site.

It’s the first time I used facebook with a website, so I integrated a lot of their tools such as the like button, I created a fan page and I’ve decided to use their discussion tab as the main forum for the site. I will also run a contest on the facebook page (which currently has about 150 fans only).

I don’t know if facebook integration is worth it, but I’m willing to try, perhaps it can bring new users and interest in the site, because Facebook is really popular, so why not try to use this userbase too. It’s a new experience for me anyway.

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(written by Taurus)

I would highly appreciate a review of my forum guys. I have really been working extremely hard on getting all my adsense placements on the correct spots, as per recommendations from this site. And I have really seen a drastic increase in my earnings too.

Please tell me where I can improve!

Thank you so much!

Kind regards,


(Resource no longer exists)

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Gamer Brief – The Drudge Report for Gamers

(written by BattleStrats)

I am one of the Drudge addicts that keep a tab open almost all day watching for breaking news. The site isn’t fancy and is meant to be something simple and easy to read.

I would like thoughts on my adsense placements. I have been reading a lot lately – followed some tips here from the experts.

I will be writing some stories and publishing them but the majority of my stories are basically a gaming news aggregator and just show people the top stories of the day.

(Resource no longer exists)

I’ll point out what I have so far.

Only Adsense is being used:

  • Above the top featured story is a leaderboard text/graphics image Above that leaderboard is a 728×15 Link Unit
  • 1st Column on Left side is Large Rectangle 336×280 text/graphics
  • 2nd Column 2 Linkunits placed side by side
  • 3rd Column Large Rectangle 336×280 ONLY TEXT

I have another site that is similar to this so I won’t ask you to help with both of them. Since if I get this one customized just right I can duplicate it there easily.

I do have another site that is completely different that I will ask for input once I feel I am finished with the first complete setup.

Thanks in advance

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Here is my crown jewel

I am a pediatrician working on an intensive care unit for premature infants and I am in the community building business for over 10 years.

5 Years ago when I was a student I started a forum for patients to ask medical questions.

Since then my former hobby has build into a full grown business.

I learned so much about website building, promotion, seo, advertising, link building and community management over the years and now it pays of.

The main secret to the success of my forum is that it totally focuses on delivering on its promise to my visitors.

I want them to get help with their medical problem and that is what we provide.

However the business site on my project is also important to me and that is one reason this forum exists in the first place.

The Adsense Placements on my forum are near perfect.

However if you have suggestions or ideas for improvements I am all ears

Kind regards


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