One Hour Presentation of DFP Consultant Rainey Smith

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DFP Consultant Rainey Smith was a guest speaker at the Knight Digital Media Center (KDMC) March 2011 Independent Journalists workshop, and delivered an excellent 1-hour presentation on maximizing ad revenue with DFP. While not really part of this DFP tutorial, Smith’s talk is highly recommended, so I’ve embedded it here:

Consultant Rainey Smith specializes in helping clients with DoubleClick for Publishers, or DFP — a powerful Google-based advertising platform that allows integration of custom-sold ads, external ad networks, and Google AdSense. In this presentation, Smith discussions monetization and advertising tips and strategies, with an eye toward the needs of hyperlocal and other small publications.

3.24.2011 Rainey Smith: Unraveling the Mysteries of Online Advertising from kdmcinfo.

Rainey Smith’s Website:

< DFP Small Business Tutorial

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