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Adsense alone or Adsense using DFP

(written by learner2012)

I received my google email letting me into the DFP program about a month ago…I’m still confused about how to use it.

I’m glad I found this forum because I have a million questions:

  • I have a test DFP adsense ad on my site. It is right beside my regular Adsense ads. I’m noticing earning with the DFP adsense ad. Why isn’t this displayed when I view my regular Adsense reports?
  • Do I have to transform all of my Adsense units to DFP Adsense units?
  • Have you noticed your CPC is higher with DFP Adsense or regular Adsense?

If these have been answered already, please forgive me. I’m new to this program and want to use it as it was intended.

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Adsense changing their Policies every week

(written by qmhonly)

Do you know that Google adsense is changing their policies day by day? and there is a good side and also bad side for this.

The good side is that you can increase your earning through some changes that adsense is providing and Bad side is that you can loose your account if you don’t follow them.

Like which is legal for adsense might get illegal in the next week. So it can happen that you lose you earning.

For not getting loose, check the articles: Adsense not to do

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Adsense dfp Statistics?

(written by Berlino)

I am looking for some significant Adsense statistics in dfp. I have enabled Adsense for my inventory and it seems to deliver, but the creative report und others i have tried show 0 throuout.

Where to find something?


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Adsense mobile ads review

(written by grvg)

first of all, i am new to this forum site
hello everyone!

i have recently designed my website for mobile via gomo (which is join collaboration of google and dudamobile).

We all know, now days most of ppl access internet through their mobile, that was the main reason to make my website compatible to mobile users and also to increase my genuine adsense revenue though mobile ads.

But when i placed adsense in my mobile website, I have seen exceptional hike in ctr%.

I am having ctr around 2% in mobile site(not gross ctr but only on mobile site which is 2% which is almost more than double from my desktop site, i am very confused, if is it normal ctr with mobile adsense ?

can anyone please tell me, anyone who is using adsense on mobile?

thank you!

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AdSense monitor plugin

(written by samazgor)

I found an AdSense Monitor plugin for WordPress. Link: (Resource no longer exists) , but i am a little but afraid. Anyone has suggestion whether it is good or not. Or can it be harmful ??

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