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Autoresponder: Task, Function, Service Provider Comparison and Conclusion

(In Deutsch)

An autoresponder sends emails on your behalf and in your name.

In this article I present you the differences between one-mail autoresponders and sequential autoresponders and present you similarities and differences between AWeber, GetResponse and RapidResponseBot. You will find detailed reviews, overview, comparison and recommendation.

  • What is an Autoresponder?
  • What is an Sequential Autoresponder?
  • Idea and Functionality
  • Couldn’t one do this oneself?
  • Service Providers of Sequential Autoresponders
  • Overview and Rating of AWeber, GetResponse and RapidResponseBot
  • Which Autoresponder is right for me?
  • Conclusion

What is an Autoresponder?

In the original meaning autoresponders respond independently and automatically on requests.

This started with notes, that a email could not be delievered and is gladly and often used to send away messages.

But this away-message is just a special case of an automated response: “Respond on each incomig message with ‘I am on vacation.'”

Autoresponder, as they come with most hosting plansm can also be used to deliver any response. For this, one just creates a separate mail address (e.g. pricing@domain.xx), and lets an autoresponder reply with the desired information.

Not bad, but very limited.

But autoresponders have evolved.

What is a Sequential Autoresponder?

On autoresponder specialized services offer powerful tools.

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AWeber Review

(In Deutsch)
AWeber LogoAWeber is one of the leading providers of sequential autoresponders.

Found in 1998 it advertises with an very good delivery rate of 99.34%, nearly all of your readers will get your messages.

The functionality of AWeber supports you effectively when writing your autoresponder messages, scheduling them into a sequence and monitoring.

Your messages can be personalized with numerous fields and values.

Interesting statistics will provide valuable insights, what is of interest to your readers and what they respond to.

AWeber offers detailed step-by-step tutorials, videos, forum and lots more. The mail support is very fast and friendly.

Despite the many functions AWeber is easy to understand and is available for beginners.

Templates and examples reduce the work and provide for quick understanding. Of course there is a learning phase and it takes a while before you can get to and use all the features.

AWeber has just too much to offer.

But I am not exaggerating when I say that you can have your first autoresponder set up and working for you easily in 5 minutes from now.
AWeber is a very good service that meets all autoresponder needs. The far-reaching possibilities and functions support effectively in the list creation and list management. The sites offers like forum and video tutorials make it easy, even for beginners, to get around.

Only the in comparison to competitor GetResponse higher cost affects the rating slightly negative. Who does not care about this difference (and can get over it), chooses AWeber as an excellent provider, trusted and used by over 80000 customers including some of the most successful marketers.

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Mail, autoresponder and campaigns
The functionality of AWeber leaves little to be desired.

You can create your mail at will. Both HTML-messages and text-messages are possible.

With tags (also called variables and fields), the message can be tailored to the recipient and i.e. give details about the receiver. Very often this will be the first name or the email address of the recipient, which is mentioned in the subject or in the mail. This gives the mail a personal impression.


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GetResponse Review

(In Deutsch)
GetResponse LogoGetResponse is one of the best providers, the autoresponder industry has to offer.

As the flagship product of its mother implix GetResponse is active since 1999.

Meanwhile implix even renamed itself to GetResponse

GetResponse states its delivery rate as over 99%, which is very good.

The functions of GetResponse are comprehensive and support you effectively in the management and creation of your messages. The possibilities for personalization are outstanding and unmatched.

By numerous statistics, you see how your messages arrive in your readership, and if you hit the nerve of your audience.

GetResponse provides detailed instructions for using in general and personalization in particular.

Over 300 templates make the embedding of quality forms easy. The mail support responded quickly and is friendly.

GetResponse is one of the most user-friendly vendors. It remains very usable, even for beginners, despite the high functionality. But the wonderful personalization requires training and a technical interest.

GetResponse is unmatched.

However, it is not necessary that you know all from the beginning and have learned forever. Optimization takes time. You can have your first autoresponder working quite easily in 5 minutes from now.
GetResponse is an excellent service, that more than satisfies all autoresponder needs.

List creation and list management are optimally supported with extensive possibilities and functions. Offers of the website, such as forum and video-tutorials, make it easy – even for beginners – to get around.

The possibilities to create an control the email text with many variables, modifiers and even conditions, are unmatched.

Together with the customer-friendly pricing structure and the overall significantly lower price than its main competitors AWeber,GetResponse arises as the best provider, that is trusted by over 160000 customers.

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Mail, autoresponder and campaigns
The functions of GetResponse are enormous.

The possibilities are endless when writing the mail. HTML-messages and text-messages can be created.


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RapidResponseBot Review

(In Deutsch)
RapidResponseBot LogoRapidResponseBot provides low cost sequential autoresponders. It follows the motto “by marketers for marketers” and is less designed and polished. It is sober and is limited to the essentials.

The functions of Rapid Response Bot help you maintaining your lists. Messages can easily be created and placed in a sequence.

The personalization options are limited but sufficient.

RapidResponseBot is limited to the most important statistics. It allows, however, that you monitor any links with so-called trackers. The trackers are not bound to the mails. The collected statistics can be obtained automatically via e-mail, which is really useful.

The documentation of RapidResponseBot is not particularly polished to a shine, but shows briefly and concisely how to set up the tool and work with it.

Rapid Response Bot is rather aimed at technically-oriented users. Usage is quite easy, but focuses less on point-and-click.

Nevertheless RapidResponseBot offers a lot, which is useful.

You can have your first own autoresponder in just a few minutes from now. Then, thanks to the possibility to copy entire sequences, even faster.
RapidResponseBot is a great service that satisfies all autoresponder needs.

The possibilities and features do not reach the level of the competition, but support you effectively in the list creation and list management.

Some features are unique in the provided form.

The support material is not as extensive as that at the competition, but enough to be able to start quickly. In particular, there are step by step instructions for creating lists. Even beginners can get started right away.

The possibilities of the creation of mail at Rapid Response Bot can not compete with GetResponse, but are sufficient for most. The scheduling of circulars is useful. That trackers do not depend on mails, is a valuable feature that can be used effectively by the automatically sent statistics.

The price is extremely cheap. It is independent of the number of subscribers, making the costs, RapidResponseBot causes, predictable over time. The optional available one-time payment can pay off quickly, if the service is used for a longer time (which is likely).

With its 30 day right of withdrawal you can try RapidResponseBot now risk free.

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Mail, autoresponder and campaigns
The possibilities of RapidResponseBot are absolutely sufficient.

The are no limitations for the creation of email. You can send HTML-mails and text-messages.

With tags (also called variables or fields), the message can be personalized and therefore include – for example – details on the receiver. First name and email address of the reader are most frequently used and mentioned in the subject or in the message. This gives your mail something personal.

In addition to the preset up to 10 custom fields are possible.



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