DFP Small Business Tutorial

Google offers a free (if fewer than 90 million impressions/month) and very powerful Ad Server called DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Small Business.


When I started using DFP Small Business I first had some trouble to understand how it works.

The DFP Small Business Help Pages really help to solve specific problems.

But I could not find an easy to understand tutorial on how to setup and use DFP Small Busines, step by step.

It took me over half a year to wrap my head around everything that I needed to run DFP as my Ad Server, with all the features I required.

To spare you the learning curve here is a step by step tutorial on how to use DFP Small Business as Ad Server to serve your Ads (including AdSense Ads) on your websites.

Table of contents:


Let us start with an Introduction into DFP Small Business.

23 Responses to DFP Small Business Tutorial

  1. Cassie Allinger says:
    Thanks for creating this tutorial. Do you have any posts, or know of any other resources, that breakdown custom targeting via key values? Thanks!
  2. Geek World News says:
    Nice tips you shared
  3. Meg Geddes says:
    Quick question - if I understand this correctly, I can't use any of the hundreds and hundreds of existing ad units (with the existing ad code and multiple channels assigned to each one) in order to switch to DFP? I really want to move to an ad server, but I don't much want to redo ALL the ads for a 60+ sites.
  4. Canciones Romanticas says:
    Muchas gracias andaba buscando justo el sistema de su funcionamiento para implementarlo en algunos sitios de amor que tengo porque el ctr es asqueroso y siento que con esto podre optimizar los anuncios y con ello mejorar el ctr xD

  5. Edward Liu says:
    Just to let you know, I was having so much trouble figuring out DFP, but your tutorials made it so easy. Just want to personally thank you for your service :)
    • admin says:
      You are welcome :)
  6. Peter van Wyk says:
    Found this useful video explaining ad units vs placements. Helped me, might provide some more clarification. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzLoPI9wEZ4
  7. nikunj singh says:
    This is really very helpful tutorial for beginners and experienced professionals. Even I learnt with my team of Ad department at Galore Technology http;//www.galoretech.com
  8. mcbjam says:
    Hi. I'm already using using DFP for serving tierce party ad without using Adsense ( I don't want to use it). But i don't understand what should i do for automatically sell Ad on my inventory ? Do you have any post that explain how to setud DFP for selling Ad without Adsense ?
  9. tanvir says:
    Is that possible to sign up and use double click without Google AdSense . Google AdSense is very tough from India and Bangladesh as well. As my client needs dfp without AdSense . Anyway ? Please help
    • Gor says:
      Yes ,its possible,We are AD ops agency,we can help you professionally,just contact with us skarpioners1@gmail.com .
  10. behavenet says:
    Where can I find a prototype contract for selling my DFP ad inventory?
    • Gor says:
      if you need professional advice with DFP contact with me skarpioners1@gmail.com ,(We are Ad ops agency)
  11. Hardik Maru says:
    Quick Question - Can I set a area wise targeting?

    Other than Zipcodes, City, State and Country?
  12. Test Test says:
    Google DFP : how I can track the sub id to know which video has played which ad and how much earning is generated by the particular ad?

    I am working on an online video website and planning to display the video ads from DFP. Please let me know how I can track the sub id to know which video has played which ad and how much earning is generated by the particular ad. Is there a way, so that I can pass any tracking id dynamically to track the earnings.

    Note: I'll use 100's of unique tracking id's for each video.
  13. matthewpollock says:

    Should we use DFP? We have an older international real estate advice site with 700,000 monthly uniques.

    The site is large, with a hand-coded content management system into which we place ad codes depending on where we want the ads (position on page, section of site, time it runs / number of impressions sold). We are just switching to Laravel and going responsive.

    We've been told by ad management companies that we'd make more money if we ran DFP. At present we run almost no directly-sold campaigns, just Ad-Sense, Medianet, and some Criteo. Not much daisy-chaining, mostly just different positions.

    Should I ask my developer to learn and try DFP? He will protest and complain. Should I insist?

    Best, Matthew
  14. Radio Ullash says:
    It's really a nice! I was searching last two years this type of tutorial. But failed!

    I have one question: I have approved AdSense account and Bengali language-based website. Bengali doesn't support AdSense. Can I use DFP and showing Ad on that site? I also want to add Responsive Ad their. Please suggest me... I am waiting for your answer...
  15. Digital seo guide says:
    Thanks for writing this useful and helpful DFP tutorial.

  16. Saju says:

    I have just implemented double click to my site, now AdSense is displaying in my site.

    Can you guide me how to view its earning report.
  17. Masud83 says:
    Can I use DFP on Blogger
  18. admin says:
    You can either use the official DFP Help Forums from Google or ask the question in my original DFP Tutorial Thread

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