A big block about 900×300 with all allowed adsense ads + adlink

(written by JamesColin)

Hello, here is a big block that you can put at the top of your site, so that the rest of the page is free for your content and ads from other ad networks.

<table border="2" style="border-color: #0e695a;">
    <td colspan="3" style="background-color: #0e695a;text-align:right;">
      <br />
      <br />
    <td align="center">AdSenseCode2</td>
    <td align="right">AdSenseCode3</td>

To use it you need 3 adlink blocks 728×15 and 3 adsense blocks 300×250

You can see a live example here: (Resource no longer exists)

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6 Responses to A big block about 900×300 with all allowed adsense ads + adlink

  1. admin says:
    Looks nice on your site.

    How does it perform?
  2. JamesColin says:
    I plead GUILTY! :-) I haven't set up any channel..

    But I guess it performs ok.. I know I should add a custom channel in order to track and perhaps see that it doesn't perform well at all :-) You must be horrified, you who really like to track all performances in order to optimize earnings.

    Perhaps it should be one of my new year resolutions to start being serious about performance tracking.. :-)

    PS: on content pages I have set up one smaller by using the text you shown on one of your vb4 mods:
    (Resource no longer exists)

    I don't know how it performs either. :-(
  3. admin says:
    I am SHOCKED :eek: hehe

    Let us know if you start tracking.

    I did not track my earnings so closely as well for like the first 3 years.

    That is most likely the reason for me earning only pocket money the first 3 years. I wish I would have known back then what I know today :D
  4. Emath says:
    i dont thinks its recommend to do it this way... :S
  5. JamesColin says:
    Yes Emath, the recommended way is to integrate ads within the content and/or within the menu columns. But it was simply a way to put all the ads in one place and be done with them. It is an alternative to finding locations within the page design.

    But surely not the most recomended way, it is simply the easiest.

    I need to create custom channels and report here about performance (unfortunately I won't be able to report exact stats due to adsense's tos)
  6. Slices says:
    Actually, this kind of placement works surprisingly well, even though it may look a bit too much in-your-face. Above the fold is simply the best place to to insert ads, and by integrating them together so neatly, great things can happen, performance-wise.

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