a Q about WP theme and placement + 1 more Q

(written by idanb85)

Hello everyone, First of all its a great forum, i learnd a lot, happy i found it.
my 2 questions are:

  1. i place my ads like this (Resource no longer exists) and i have a network of 70 websites like this, i am doing around 180 USD a day is it risky to use this theme? with this ads style, its CTR theme
  2. all those 70 site on the same google adsence account, i heard its isn’t healthy to do something like this…, should i make 2 accounts ? ( if i build more 70 webs like this for example)

waiting for your help, thx a lot 🙂

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2 Responses to a Q about WP theme and placement + 1 more Q

  1. admin says:
    To your first question, I don't see many problems with your WP Layout. Maybe only the headline directly above the link unit could be a potential problem.

    And to your second question, you are allowed to use one personal account and one business account.

    You can't create 2 personal accounts, this way you will be banned for sure.

    But other then that, I see no problem at all to handle hundreds of different sites via one AdSense Account.

    Many people to that ;)
  2. idanb85 says:
    oki ill take care of it , many thx admin , ill keep follow for more info And Tips! :D

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