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[WordPress] Better ad placement?

(written by echo_unlimited)

My website: goo.gl/Qer81

I’d like to improve earnings as currently they are very low. I get around $3 per day for every 1,000 unique visitors.

I’m not sure what I could do to improve earnings. I was also thinking of placement infolink ads (Inline text advertising) to see if I could increase earnings or have 2 revenue sources, though I’m not sure how that would play out.

Any suggestions?

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Ads not showing in every refresh

(written by punkstar69)

I setup the CTR Theme at a domain i own today..

Previously, i had parked this domain to “Adsense for domains”. After my setup, i realized that the ads are not visible in the main page.. Only a blank screen!

When I visited a subpage, the ads are being seen perfectly..

I checked my domains main page with digitalpoint forum’s adsense sandbox tool and it seems that its not blacklisted..

Can someone tell me why this happens? Who have face it in the past?

I set up a new wordpress installation in domain.com/v2 sub folder.

I left the default template and i wrote something about myself.

Still no luck.
Ads sometimes appear, sometimes not. So, i guess this is not the problem for me!

Furthermore, the same domain ran ads very fine before 1 month!!

Thanks in advance

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Adsense With Aggregators

(written by supermoves)

I am new to these forums and spent about 20 minutes looking for this question before I posted, so please be gentle :-)

I had a defense news aggregation website running on a WordPress clone of Drudge Report. I got around 100k uniques per month. I was told I could not use AdSense with an aggregator website. I also know that certain larger companies do just that.

On my site, I re-wrote headlines and also used headlines to create timelines of world events. When I finally shut down the website, after learning I couldn’t monetize it with AdSense, I was flooded with pleas for its return. So here is my question…

How can I create an aggregation website that AdWords will accept? Why can Drudge Report use AdSense, but not me? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!


PS If anyone is wondering, the site was TheIntelligenceNews.com, which is now down, but can be seen here on Google Way Back Machine: (Resource no longer exists)

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AdSense monitor plugin

(written by samazgor)

I found an AdSense Monitor plugin for WordPress. Link: (Resource no longer exists) , but i am a little but afraid. Anyone has suggestion whether it is good or not. Or can it be harmful ??

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Adsense placements in wordpress site giving strange analytics

(written by DaleSW48)

Ad1 is in the header on the homepage and header of all articles.

Ad2 is in the header on the homepage only.

Ad3 is on the right side on homepage and all articles.

Ad4 is in the top of each article only.

Analytics for last 5 days shows:

Ad1 = 46,000 views
Ad2 = 46,000 views
Ad3 = 1,495 views
Ad4 = 16,301 views

I would think then that the homepage is only getting 1,495 views in the 5 days and that Ad4 which appears in every other article would have around 46,000 – 1,495 = 44,505 views but it only has 16,301?

Anyone have any ideas on what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for any feedback.

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