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$78 RPM ‘typical’?

(written by christopher)

I got one of these ‘personalized tips’ messages from adsense recommending I use wider ads. Actually I had just recently changed to wider ads, so the message was a little late in coming.

However, I found this part of the message to be very surprising:

“Advertisers prefer wider ad units for their premium inventory, resulting in higher bids for your ad placements. Though all sites are different, publishers typically see $78.67 RPM when using the wider ad size.”


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AdSense Banner in Signature

(written by BirdOPrey5)

I released a BB Code on vbulletin.org to allow admins (or even members) to place an ad sense ad unit in their signatures.

Obviously you must obey Google’s limits on the number of ads per page so I only use it in conjunction with a mod that limits 1 signature per user per page.

I find it an interesting location, a little more random then always after the first post or such.

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Adsense Targeting Question

(written by MissLiss)

Recently my adsense CTR plummeted (through no changes what-so-ever!) on my end. It’s been consistent for the past 11 months, and I’ve been with google for 8 Years.

My question is- Does anyone know if google has recently changed their Method for Targeting the ads? I noticed that the ads within my pages have NOTHING what-so-ever to do with the topic on the particular page.

Each page has correct meta data, including keywords, title and description, I know the pages are being indexed regularly, so where is google coming up with their ad info from

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Best place for maximum clicks

(written by azguy_9)

I am new to this forum, but plan on being a fixture in here :).

My adsense has plummetted in the past couple of months, and I don’t know why. I’ve been doing adsense for many years, so am not a newbie, but have not really stayed up current best practices.

So, what are the best placements on a page for highest clicks?

Would appreciate any feedback.


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