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How to build a Community or Webproject from scratch.

I wrote this article in 2005 but I think for someone it still might be interesting.

Let´s say you want to start a new community/project (herein after referred as project) how would you approach this task?


  • STEP 1: Finding the Main Topic
    • Spend some time thinking about your major topic:
  • STEP 2: The Concept
    • Things you should think about are…
  • STEP 3: Finding Help (if you don´t need help skip this Step)
    • Ok, how to get help when you can´t pay?
      • Step 3.1
      • Step 3.2
      • Step 3.3
      • Step 3.4
      • Step 3.5
      • Step 3.6
      • Step 3.7
      • Step 3.8
      • Step 3.9
  • STEP 4: Building the Project
    • The Code
    • The Design
      • A Forum for Community building
    • Coordinating work
      • Method 1
      • Method 2
      • Method 3
      • Method 4
    • The Content
    • Backups
  • STEP 5: Launching and Promoting your Project
  • FINALLY: Always remember

Ok let´s get started.

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Ideas for websites. How to chose the topic for your next project


When I am reading threads on webmaster forums I often see threads about which niche is best for AdSense and about which topic should I create a website.

What I have learned in my 12 years of web development and community building is that only those projects of mine succeeded for which I am passionate about.

Granted I never really tried to create a website about a topic that I don’t know much about solely because it was a high paying niche.

But I have several websites about topics I know a lot about but I am not that passionate about. These websites don’t really grow.

But the once that I really like these are the once I am finding myself working on constantly or at least with much more consistency then those I don’t like that much.


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Researching new niches with Google Insights for search


Even thou Google Insights for search seems to exits for a longer time now I today stumbled on it for the first time.

If you are thinking about creating a new Website and are not yet sure which niche to target “Google Insights for search” might just be for you.

You can research search volume on keywords based on different filters like Country, time frame, and categories.

If you did not already knew this go take a look: Google Insights for search

Did you use it before?

Did it help you?

Share your experience with us



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Your opinion about a brand new site on health topics, worth it?

(written by JamesColin)

Hi, I’m thinking of doing a site similar to best reviewer (cf. my signature) but dedicated to health topics, in english, can you share with me if the CPC is good with adsense?

I’ve chosen this topic of health because it is good for what I’m looking for, mass traffic, since everyone on the internet is a living being and as such is subject to health issues.

I have no real interest in that topic other than make money from such a site, could be a problem?


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