Anyone here own an image hosting site with Adsense?

(written by I_Am_Legend)

I am looking at purchasing an image hosting site with adsense on it. The site does well, but I have some reservations about the future of it. The images open on a blank page, with just an ad below it.. and if one image is deemed ‘unsuitable’ the google gods go *boom* and its all over.

I’m curious if anyone here has experience with an image hosting site, and how adsense has been for you? Any warnings from google? Any second chances?


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One Response to Anyone here own an image hosting site with Adsense?

  1. admin says:
    AdSense ToS forbids to put AdSense on sites without content. I would not want to risk my AdSense Account with that.

    However when the traffic is good I think there are other ways to monetize such a site like CPM Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, etc.

    What is your reason for buying this site?

    Do you need the service for other products of yours?

    Is the price very cheap?

    Or is it just an experiment?

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