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Best forum package?

(written by Halden)

Hello guys….!

I want to set up a forum – not unlike this one.

It needs to have an up-to-date feel to it and able to take google ads and my own ads. Any thoughts on the best package available ATM?

Your suggestions will be highly appreciated…!

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Demystifying the duplicate content penalty

It is very simple: there is no duplicate content penalty

Google does not “penalise” duplicate content – it will just show one page over another.

If there are 3 pages of duplicate content on your website it generally will only show 1 result on a Google results page, (unless the search is incredibly longtail and specific – but of course we now get the “omitted results” link displayed).

Google just shows the content that it feels is most relevant to the users search. New algorithms take into account things like content age (so original content is more likely to rank higher).


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Develop orginal content.

(written by khris-bean-seo)

someone told me if you develop content that is not stolen from another site you can rank better in search engines

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Directories – Driving Traffic

(written by BattleStrats)

Hope this is the right space – since this isn’t really Adsense but somewhat related. Adsense is only as good as the traffic you can bring in to your site.

So I picked up a book over the weekend and was reading and they were talking about getting listed on directories. They mentioned a few like Yahoo, which costs $300 and with sites like dmoz that are free.

What has been your experience with directories? Where is some good information out there on it? When I google it most of the sites are trying to get you to sign up with their directory.

I just submitted my sites to dmoz but I am wondering if you all have submitted sites and whats your experience with them.

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Don’t reinvent the wheel. Steal!

Ok, this is a rather provocative title and I think I need to clarify it a bit.

I am not promoting the idea of stealing content.

This is stupid and you will get punished for it.

However if you are running a website or starting a new one think about websites you visit often and which you like. Ask yourself the following questions:


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