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[vBulletin] What Information to show to guests?


I run several health related forums in Germany.

In the last few month I made lots of changes to my forums especially in regards to what I show to guests.

After spending hours on thinking about my main forum and how to make it even more attractive for my visitors I came up with the idea to remove all unnecessary information to improve the signal to noise ratio.

First of, why does a guest need to see the “what is going on” box?
What valuable information does your visitor get from it?
Some will say that it shows that the community is active. Yeah, maybe.
But Post and Thread count do the trick as well.

Lots of noise removed.

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A centered Banner below the navbar that is loaded AFTER

Hello everyone.

I had the following problem:

I want to show a leaderboard banner below the navigation centered.

My leaderboard was clicked only half as often as the banners I showed in the thread as 2nd post. So I wanted to load my leaderboard banner AFTER the 2nd post banners so that they get the highest paying keywords.

Read this to know why: Did you take the display order of your AdSense ADs into account?

I found a complex but perfect solution for this:


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Ad placement inside first post end

(written by sat_cse28)


I would like to place a rectangular 728×90 advertisement within first post at the bottom. Can anybody help me with the vbulletin code.

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AdSense Banner in Signature

(written by BirdOPrey5)

I released a BB Code on vbulletin.org to allow admins (or even members) to place an ad sense ad unit in their signatures.

Obviously you must obey Google’s limits on the number of ads per page so I only use it in conjunction with a mod that limits 1 signature per user per page.

I find it an interesting location, a little more random then always after the first post or such.

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Adsense Displaying Questions

< Adsense FAQ


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