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Best CMS for website development

(written by JamesColin)

I’d like to introduce you to my personal favorite CMS, it’s Drupal – Open Source CMS | drupal.org

In my view the best CMS you can use which is free and based on PHP & MySQL is Drupal.

The only reason to use something else would be if you plan on simply doing a blog with a few categories & pages. Then use WordPress – Blog Tool and Publishing Platform

WordPress is the option to choose not because in unable to handle professional blog, IT IS indeed, but because WordPress started as a blog platform and most web services have at least one WordPress module/plugin if they have only one.

So for blogging full force, get yourself the wordpress script.

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Drupal 7.0 is available!

(written by JamesColin)

KORTRIJK, BELGIUM & CHICAGO, IL – JANUARY 5, 2011 – Drupal’s worldwide community, along with the Drupal Association, announces general availability (GA) of Drupal 7, the most innovative web platform available. Drupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. Notable websites are WhiteHouse.gov and the many top music artist’s sites of Warner Media Group.

Drupal version 7 (D7) features the latest web technologies and remarkable improvements to user experience (UX). Drupal 7 is already in production use by sites such as Examiner.com, which is among the top 100 in the United States. After relaunching in Drupal 7, Examiner’s traffic grew 19% in a single month, attracting more than 22.4 million monthly unique visitors.


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Returning to Adsense after a few years!

(written by expatagain2010)

Hi there,
My name is Clive and I now live in Spain after moving from the USA a couple months ago.

A few years ago I had a couple of sites just with Adsense on them I got the 1 a lingerie site up to about $400 a month before Google removed the ads too risky they said!

Anyway I developed a site selling tanning lotions which I sold last year, and now I live in Spain, I want to get back into Adsense again, in the past my sites were all hand made and I put on articles on a daily basis and added links.


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SheToldMe.com – a Digg-like with AdSense Revenue Sharing

(written by JamesColin)

Hello, I’d like to show you (Resource no longer exists)

It’s a Digg-like based on the CMS Drupal with the main module used being Drigg, unfortunately the module’s author has disappeared (we don’t know if he’s dead or what) and no-one has had the ability to take the module to another level.

But it is functional as it is, so I use it.

I also made this site an adsense revenue sharing site so that members will have one more reason to use it over the thousands of other Digg-like sites based on Pligg script which are left empty or rather full of spam after a few months, their “creators” abandoned them for lack of activity.

I also made a referral program to give existing members an incentive to recruit more members for me.

This way, in over one year and a half I have been able to get it off the ground and I’m happy for that because it is not easy to attack the english speaking market especially with such an unoriginal site as a Digg-like.

I know have thousands members, tens of thousands posts and several thousands unique visitors per day.

The graphic design is very basic, because I never paid someone to take care of that and relied only on my limited skills.

Please tell me if you have suggestions about anything regarding this site.

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Simple method to be paid each month by AdSense, VERY EASY!

(written by JamesColin)

Here is the actual method as I posted it on my forum in august 2011, perhaps I’ll make updates to it in the next months but honestly from past experience I don’t think so..
On my forum you can find a free ebook which contains 4 pages to print, it’s just a helpful tool as you go along with my method based on 4 weeks, that’s all.

If you want to be paid by AdSense each month for years to come follow my 4 weeks method..

Yes, if you want to be paid by AdSense each month for years to come follow my method, otherwise just keep doing what you’ve been doing, obviously it works perfectly..


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