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Five native English speakers wanted for AdSense EBook review


I wrote an AdSense EBook that I want to publish.

I am not yet sure if I release it for free or sell it.

What I need are around five native English speaking Publishers who want to read my EBook, correct any spelling and Grammar errors and give me Feedback on the EBook.

The EBook currently has 30 Pages and the Title is:

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Here is my crown jewel

I am a pediatrician working on an intensive care unit for premature infants and I am in the community building business for over 10 years.

5 Years ago when I was a student I started a forum for patients to ask medical questions.

Since then my former hobby has build into a full grown business.

I learned so much about website building, promotion, seo, advertising, link building and community management over the years and now it pays of.

The main secret to the success of my forum is that it totally focuses on delivering on its promise to my visitors.

I want them to get help with their medical problem and that is what we provide.

However the business site on my project is also important to me and that is one reason this forum exists in the first place.

The Adsense Placements on my forum are near perfect.

However if you have suggestions or ideas for improvements I am all ears

Kind regards


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The AdSense Checklist – running a successful AdSense Account


I know this is not very interesting for advanced publishers however
you might be finding one or two points you might have missed
to optimize your AdSense Account.

So go and check your AdSense Checklist

The checklist is only available in English so if you don’t see it
switch to English at the bottom and log in to your Google Account.

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