Impact of Social traffic on Adsense

(written by cryoffalcon)


I wanted to know that how would adsense react in audit phase towards the social traffic on my website. I have recently started my website it’s been a month but I have about 60 to 65% traffic coming from facebook (majority) and little from reddit, pinterest, twitter etc.
I have 30 to 35% direct traffic and remaining is from referral, google, bing, yahoo and Display such as: Adwords, Bing Ads, Buy & Sell ads.

My total daily traffic from everywhere is about 16,000 users on average.

I have invested everything that I have in this website (and if I loose my adsense then it is over for me, I have invested 5 years in this website along with 20,000 USD) and today when I am utilizing my fb page for this website on facebook, I have started to hear that the social traffic can get me banned on adsense.

I wanted to know why? As on facebook, my links are not promoted with text saying: "click on ads or please visit us" I just use naked link straight forward and it is the same on other networks.

If my traffic is real human still I will be banned for doing nothing? Some people say that the quality of fb traffic is not good, I wouldn’t agree to the statement as mine has average pages per visit of 2.19 with average stay of 1 minutes and 44 seconds on average.

The average ctr on adsense is 5.12% so, I wanted to know am I in a situation to get worried.

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2 Responses to Impact of Social traffic on Adsense

  1. runner says:
    I have started to hear that the social traffic can get me banned on adsense.
    I never heard such thing, if you are not spamming, I don't see why you should get banned. Its just common sense.
  2. saurabh says:
    My friend, Don't be worried. 90% of traffic on my Blog is from Facebook.

    Above 3000 page views per day.

    Just don't break any guidelines and you will be fine.

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