Adsense With Aggregators

(written by supermoves)

I am new to these forums and spent about 20 minutes looking for this question before I posted, so please be gentle :-)

I had a defense news aggregation website running on a WordPress clone of Drudge Report. I got around 100k uniques per month. I was told I could not use AdSense with an aggregator website. I also know that certain larger companies do just that.

On my site, I re-wrote headlines and also used headlines to create timelines of world events. When I finally shut down the website, after learning I couldn’t monetize it with AdSense, I was flooded with pleas for its return. So here is my question…

How can I create an aggregation website that AdWords will accept? Why can Drudge Report use AdSense, but not me? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!


PS If anyone is wondering, the site was, which is now down, but can be seen here on Google Way Back Machine: (Resource no longer exists)

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