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[vBulletin] What Information to show to guests?


I run several health related forums in Germany.

In the last few month I made lots of changes to my forums especially in regards to what I show to guests.

After spending hours on thinking about my main forum and how to make it even more attractive for my visitors I came up with the idea to remove all unnecessary information to improve the signal to noise ratio.

First of, why does a guest need to see the “what is going on” box?
What valuable information does your visitor get from it?
Some will say that it shows that the community is active. Yeah, maybe.
But Post and Thread count do the trick as well.

Lots of noise removed.

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Adsense & VBSEO’s Relevant Replacements

(written by Toon)

Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on this.

I removed VBSEO’s Relevant Replacements for neatness, I kept the H1 headers but removed the text it added as it looked slightly messy and seemed to repeat what was on the page anyway.

I know this could effect SEO but the one thing that did happen is my adsense earnings dropped off.

This could be due to anything we all know they fluctuate at time to time but I was wondering if anyone thought this could be a reason and how exactly it worked as far as offering ads to my pages?


edit. On a site not I noticed they are not used here, is it that you don’t feel they are necessary

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