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[vBulletin] What Information to show to guests?


I run several health related forums in Germany.

In the last few month I made lots of changes to my forums especially in regards to what I show to guests.

After spending hours on thinking about my main forum and how to make it even more attractive for my visitors I came up with the idea to remove all unnecessary information to improve the signal to noise ratio.

First of, why does a guest need to see the “what is going on” box?
What valuable information does your visitor get from it?
Some will say that it shows that the community is active. Yeah, maybe.
But Post and Thread count do the trick as well.

Lots of noise removed.

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AdSense Integration as last post

This mod adds a Google Adsense large rectangle after the last post of each thread if the thread has at least one reply.

It is blended to look like a regular post in your thread without violating google adsense TOS. Make sure you use the same colors you use on your forum to optimize blending!

Installation instructions
In the template SHOWTHREAD find:


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hi (2fast4ya)

(written by 2fast4ya)

I honestly hope this site could be somewhat of a help…

I found this blog and video about optimizing vbulletin for google adsense, only problem… can’t see a damn thing he’s doing when he’s editing code.

Take a look, I’m sure you’ve seen it before: (Resource no longer exists)

I was hoping this site could have a nice vbulletin guide that was actually visible instead of the blurry one on duoblogger.

I want to generate relevant ads on my site, and it seems like the video had the right idea.

Anyone help?

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How to post correctly on a forum

“How do I become user of the month” or “how to post correctly on a forum”

The only working formula to rise in an existing forum hierarchy from bottom to top in a short time is this thread.

If you follow all instruction precisely, which have been proven over the years by the way, then glory and honour will be on your side.

  • Registration
  • Your Profile
  • The first posting
  • Forum Live
  • Miscellaneous


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Where to find third party ads when using DFP?

(written by jaypabs)

I just read this thread here. I am actually confused on how DFP works. The thread on the link I just mentioned helps me to understand it a little.

The line on the link above says:

If you don’t display third party Ads on your website you don’t need to use DFP Small Business.

Currently I have buysellads on my site together with Adsense ad.

I was thinking that if I use DFP, DFP has a third party advertiser that will buy some inventory on my site just like buysellads. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

I don’t currently have any problem with buysellads integration on my site. Do I still need to use DFP? If DFP can provide me more advertiser, then may be I need it. If not I think I’ll stick with my current settings.

Please help me decide on this.

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